How can Acronis Notary be used, and why should you care?

When you back up your data to local drives or the cloud, you correctly expect your backup solution to faithfully back up those files. Acronis Notary technology can add a level of confidence to the authenticity of your data. In the future, you may want to simply reassure yourself the file is unchanged. Or, you may have, or someone may present you with, a file and you need to validate if it is authentic and unchanged from the backup. Common use cases include property and personal copies of records, chain-of-evidence for court requested documents, and long-term archives that could be subject to various legal or tax audits. Further down on this page are some other examples.

Acronis Notary creates a certificate for each notarized file. This certificate connects the unique file’s features with the permanent record in the blockchain. This allows you to check its authenticity. Acronis Notary Certificates contain all the required information to verify protected data so that it can be verified independently. This check could be done by a human or using a machine and can even be performed by a third party, as long as they have access to the blockchain.

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