Data Classification – Identify and Protect Your Most Valuable Information

If you don’t understand what data you have, how can you know what to do with it? Most information has a certain amount of value – but how much is it really worth to you, your customers or partners? Data classification can help you make sense of your Big Data, without busting your budget.

Data classification empowers user communities who create and handle data to assign value to it, in a language they understand, so that informed decisions can be taken about how it is managed, protected and shared. These values are then stored as visual & metadata labels (protective markings) on messages and documents, and can range from as simple as ‘Confidential’ labels to complex national security driven data classifications.

Putting data classification at the heart of your business allows you to reduce the business risk of valued and sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands, whilst increasing efficiency, enhancing decision making and reducing archiving and other administrative costs throughout the organisation.

Our proven Classifier solution helps organisations proactively manage and protect sensitive information, ensuring it goes to the right people in a safe, controlled and efficient way.

“In today’s markets of disappearing perimeters between an organisation and its partners, the need to better manage data and information is becoming critically important. The basic platform for this has to start with data classification – only through effective classification at the point of creation can the rest of a GRC or information management strategy be put in place. Classification allows for better DLP, internal and external document routing, reporting against risk and governance needs and for happier end users” Clive Longbottom, analyst and co-founder of Quocirca

Data Classification Benefits

Our data classification solutions can benefit organisations by:

  • Increasing user and organisational awareness of the value & sensitivity of data
  • Empowering users to take ownership & control of data
  • Educating users on, and supports adherence to, corporate governance & data security policies
  • Helping organisations comply with industry compliance & regulations
  • Streamlining business processes – increasing operational efficiency & effectiveness
  • Reducing cost of management, archiving & storage of data
  • Preventing internal and external data leakage – reducing reputational & business risk

Data Classification Products

Boldon James provides a full suite of data classification products, allowing all types of organisations to manage their data across many different applications;

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