Data Classification Products

The Classifier Suite is a flexible data classification product set, offering a range of optional elements. Using our Unified Administration Console you can see and manage all your data classification activities. Classifier is easy to set up and integrate with your existing technology solutions.

Data Creation and Exchange

Office Classifier – Document Classification – Labelling and Protective Marking for Microsoft® Office Documents

Email Classifier – Email Classification – Labelling, Protective Marking and Release Control for Secure Messaging

Exchange Classifier – In-transit Message Classification – Enabling Classification Completeness and Safer Collaboration

CAD Classifier – Protect Design Documents and CAD Workflow

Notes Classifier – Labelling, Protective Marking and Release Control for Lotus Notes® Messaging

Existing and Stored Data

File Classifier  – File Classification – Security Labelling for All Types of Windows Files
Power Classifier  – Mass Security Labelling for Documents and Files

Remote Access and Collaboration

SharePoint Classifier  – Security Labelling for Microsoft Document Management

OWA Classifier  – Message Classification, Labelling, Protective Marking and Release Control for Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA)

Mobile Filter  – Data Loss Prevention for Mobile Email

New : Mobile Classifier   – Message Classification for Mobile Devices

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