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Systech hyperconverged infrastructure is the ideal choice for data center consolidation projects. Systech Solutions delivers all the functionality of conventional IT infrastructure in one device, with up to 70% total cost of ownership savings compared to traditional IT environments. Systech Solution simplifies data center consolidation initiatives and reduces the cost and complexity of ongoing data center operations.

Data Center Consolidation with SimpliVity

SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure provides a scalable building block of x86 server resources that can be easily deployed to one or more data centers. This modular solution replaces the entire data center stack for virtualized workloads. It folds in the hypervisor, compute, networking, and storage with powerful data services, including guaranteed data efficiency, built-in data protection, and data mobility.

A data center consolidation initiative is often the best time to modernize your infrastructure, whether you are reducing IT’s footprint and costs in a single facility or merging one or more data centers. Collapsing infrastructure by deploying SimpliVity hyperconvergence greatly simplifies IT. SimpliVity’s data efficiency technology means that less data needs to be moved when data is migrated. SimpliVity’s global VM-centric management capabilities enable centralized administration of the workloads and infrastructure across all of your data centers from a single interface. And, SimpliVity’s built-in data protection not only streamlines backup, it allows you to recover in minutes with as little as a 10-minute RPO. With SimpliVity, you don’t have to rip and replace your infrastructure. You can repurpose existing server investments to independently scale compute and memory without adding costs.

Reduce Data Center Footprint
By consolidating onto a common infrastructure core for all IT infrastructure and data services for virtualized workloads with SimpliVity, customers eliminate complexity and reduce the number of devices they manage. A recent independent study by Forrester Consulting found enterprises adopting SimpliVity reduced their data center footprint by as much as 10:

Reduce the Time Needed For Data Center Consolidation Projects

Typical data center consolidation projects take months from start to finish. The complexity of migrating from the legacy environment to the new infrastructure is often the cause. SimpliVity radically simplifies the consolidation process. Moving virtual machines between data centers with SimpliVity is easy since all data is in an optimized state, requiring little bandwidth. VMs move quickly between data centers, saving on bandwidth-related expenses.

Escape the Endless Cycle of Data Center Updates and Refreshes
Another catalyst for data center consolidation is to simplify technology refresh cycles. Traditional IT infrastructure involves more than a dozen solutions, each with their own refresh cycle, support agreement, vendor management, and maintenance schedule. It seems that no sooner have you brought your infrastructure up-to-date than the process starts all over again. Get off the endless hamster-wheel of technology refreshes and system updates by consolidating onto SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure instead.

Drive Financial Savings With 3x TCO Reduction
SimpliVity customers who consolidate their data centers leveraging SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure save significantly by avoiding the capital equipment costs of legacy stack components and simplifying day-to-day data center operations. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study shows SimpliVity customers can save 73% (a factor of nearly 4x), with a 224% ROI over three years—recouping their initial investment in just 6.6 months—by adopting SimpliVity.

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