Mail Meter is an easy to use email management software. Email archiving tool makes your exchange archiving & other email platforms easier to use.

MailMeter is a comprehensive, yet easy to use, affordable and robust email archiving solution that captures and pre-indexes email real-time to provide a complete, unalterable and secure email archive.

  • Regulatory compliance and policy enforcement
  • Email storage management
  • eDiscovery and litigation support
  • Monitoring email


Optimize Your Email Server!

  • Archive from Expensive to Low Cost Storage – There is no reason to have expensive storage for emails that are rarely accessed.
  • Get in Compliance – capture all messages before any user can delete them.
  • Reduce back up times – and potential recovery time. Users want to save every email. Use MailMeter Archive to give them a low cost, “bottomless” mailbox with the optional MailMeter ISR, Individual Search and Retrieval.
  • Automatic Storage Optimization – Replace attachments on older messages using the MailMeter Storage Manager.
  • No More PSTs – use MailMeter Archive as a central data repository where users can access their own email easily. Only keep a minimal amount of email in your server.

Archive Searching

  • The base MailMeter Archive includes a powerful search capability to search by email address, domain, date range, message body text, attachment text or type, and word lists using wildcard, Boolean and proximity searching.

How MailMeter Archive Works

MailMeter Archive is a software application that runs on a Windows Server (real or virtual). It collects emails from the standard journaling interface on your email server (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Ipswitch IMail, SeattleLab SLMail Pro) and deletes them when they are secured in the archive. There are options for capturing messages from the existing mailboxes (History Capture) and from PSTs and NSFs (PST / NSF Import).

All components of a message – header, recipients, message body, and attachments are captured into the MailMeter Archive SQL database and Archive Volumes. The SQL database must have full-text indexing activated.

Archived messages and attachments are de-duplicated, compressed, encrypted, given GUID names then stored in Archive Volumes (Windows folders) that can be located on any low cost, storage device – local disk, SAN, NAS, USB, etc. The Archive Volumes are managed to a size of 4G. New ones are created automatically as needed. Archive Volumes only need to be backed up once when they are full and closed (contents don’t change).

Messages are secured and protected in the MailMeter Archive. The administrator can delete emails by date for record retention. There is also an optional Retention Manager for a more granular control over message destruction by mailbox and by individual messages.


  • MailMeter server
  • Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64) or Windows Server 2008 (x86, x64 and R2 x64)
  • CPU: 2 or 4 processors
  • Memory: 4 to 8 GB
  • Disk: Temporary work area = size of largest mailbox
  • Disk: Archive Volumes = any local, SAN or NAS device
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Server 2005 or 2008
  • CPU: 2 or 4 processors
  • Memory: 8 to 32 GB
  • Disk: Database = 40% of data collected

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