Information Security Solutions

The manufacturing industry is benefiting from advanced infrastructure solutions that interconnect humans, application systems, and intelligent machines at unprecedented speed. Information security is becoming an increasingly significant function for enterprise operations. Systech Solution provides comprehensive information security protection for enterprises, developing secure networks for agile manufacturing.

Securing Your IT Initiative

  • Threat Prevention

Threat Prevention at the gateway, on endpoints, and between them.
\It’s a race between the security providers and malware developers, with each trying to get a notch ahead of the other. On one hand, the security defenses are growing in strength. On the other, malware are turning into more targeted and sophisticated attacks to get the maximum information out of an organization in minimum time – all this while lying low and going undetected by traditional network defenses. Systech Solution protects your organization against such cutting edge
threats by bringing together its advanced threat prevention technologies to give you a multi-layered approach to advanced threat protection.

  • Data Protection

Data is the new currency for organizations. And its integrity is their biggest concern. This becomes more and more the case as most corporate data is generated and consumed on mobile devices – increasing the risk of data loss exponentially. We offers a complete data protection solution on multiple devices and operating systems. Whether your data resides on a laptop, a mobile device, or on the cloud or other file sharing method to allow for collaboration, Systech Solutions keeps your corporate data protected without impacting your performance.

  • Cloud Migration

Cloud computing provides an easy way to provision and deploy IT infrastructure such as networks, compute capacity, storage, and databases. Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure have become increasingly popular and help you extend your existing infrastructure, scale as needed without guessing at capacity, and deploy applications and workloads anywhere in minutes. While AWS and Microsoft Azure manage the security of their respective clouds, you are responsible for the security of your applications and data in those clouds.Systech Solutions can help you secure your infrastructure, whether running in the cloud, on-premises, or in a colocation facility

  • Social Collaboration

Security that helps you collaborate without worrying about your data.

In today’s business environment, platforms for collaboration and productivity have become essential to capture, store and share vital information across the enterprise. This is why more and more organizations are committing to investments in mobility initiatives and platforms such as SharePoint. But these platforms also hold sensitive corporate data and that makes them potential targets for attacks and cyber threats. Systech Solutions helps you collaborate safely by protecting your critical business data from malware and data loss, as well as controlling the distribution of sensitive information on platforms like Microsoft SharePoint or users’ mobile devices.

Security at every step of your Enterprise Mobility

Mobile devices in the workplace continue to see explosive growth as they open new avenues of business profitability and improved productivity. The rise of BYOD culture is creating a very thin line separating the personal and professional worlds of your users. This has led to new threat vectors that target mobile devices and an organization’s mobility ecosystem to gain unauthorized access to organizational networks. Systech Solutions help you with your enterprise mobility challenges by securing your corporate emails, content, and apps. With Sophos enterprise Mobility, you get a secure environment where data is safely and easily accessible from anywhere for your on-the-go users.

  • Office 365

Office 365™ is a fantastic tool for business productivity and Microsoft® provides robust security for customer data held in the cloud.But you still need email continuity in the event of an outage and your users, workstations, servers and data outside of the cloud all need additional security.

  • Virtualization

Virtualization has changed the way organizations optimize resources and have become more agile by adapting quickly to strategic business demands. A growing number of organizations are using virtualization to generate substantial cost savings by reducing their hardware footprint. To secure this virtualized environment presents an opportunity to select a security solution that can minimize the resources utilized. Systech Solution allows you to secure your virtualized servers and your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with an ultra-thin agent optimized for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, or our full-featured server-specific security

  • Insider Threat Protection

Your own users can put organizational security at risk with little effort. Beyond unintentional damage users can cause, insider attacks – such as rogue employees, former employees who still have access to your system, malicious contractors, and other bad actors – are capable of doing even more damage. They’re often more difficult to prevent and detect than attacks originating outside your organization. Research states that a third of all organizations still have no capability to prevent or deter an insider attack.
Systech Solutions helps you quickly identify the weak spots in your organization by giving you complete insight in your users’ activities. This way, you can educate innocent users to prevent putting your organization at risk, or modify network policies to stop malicious attacks from within the organization, dramatically reducing risk and improving security confidence across your organization.

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