Ensure Service Level for Corporate Applications Over WAN

Fully ensure service level of corporate applications over WAN by combining link load balancing, web performance optimization, end-to-end real-user service level monitoring, security and cost-effective scalability

Application Performance Acceleration

Faster response time of enterprise web applications with TCP congestion control, caching and FastView web performance optimization (WPO) technology accelerating application response time at the application level

Service Level Visibility via Real-User Monitoring

Integrated with Application Performance Monitoring (APM), LinkProof NG link load balancer delivers real-time monitoring of application service levels with automatic alerts on service level breaches and quick cause analysis for SLA assurance

Improved Data Center Utilization

Offloads SSL decryption tasks from the firewall and servers, freeing processing of SSL traffic and reducing the number of devices for optimized data center utilization and cost reduction

Optimize Cloud-Based Application Delivery

Advanced enterprise gateway that optimizes access to cloud applications by shortening cloud application response time, selecting the best ISP link and simplifying management of shadow IT

WAN Optimization That Leads To Reduce Costs & Improve Branch Employee Productivity

Increased employee productivity and reduced branch office costs with a hybrid WAN architecture, alignment of allocated capacity of WAN links by application priority, and accelerated access to SaaS applications

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