NetSupport Manager Remote Control

Monitor multiple systems in a single action; deliver hands-on remote support or interactive training, and gather real-time inventory and system data. With NetSupport Manager, you can support Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices all from a single console.

New NetSupport Manager v12 brings performance improvements, a re-styled interface and a range of shortcut features that now make it even easier for you to support the diverse range of systems now in use across the modern enterprise.

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NetSupport School Windows Classroom Management

NetSupport School is our award-winning classroom management software that allows teachers to instruct, monitor and interact with students individually, as a pre-defined group or as a whole class.

All the features you would expect from a leading Classroom Management solution – internet and application monitoring, printer management, real-time presentation tools and recently introduced, a totally unique Language Lab mode delivering an innovative link between Audio and Visual monitoring.

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NetSupport Assist Mac and Linux Classroom Management

For use within your Mac or Linux classroom, NetSupport Assist is a focused classroom management software solution that ensures teachers have the tools they need to monitor, engage and collaborate with their students.

Benefiting from NetSupport’s 20+ years supplying market-leading solutions to education, NetSupport Assist rises to the challenge and requirements of today’s modern classroom.

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NetSupport DNA Asset Management

NetSupport DNA is a modular asset management solution offering a range of features including: Hardware and Software Inventory; Software License Management; PC and Network Alerting; User and Change Management; Application and Internet Metering; Software Distribution and a Web-based Helpdesk.

New NetSupport DNA v4.0 features significant enhancements designed to help you meet the support needs of the modern enterprise, including our Energy Monitor which helps you achieve energy cost savings.

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NetSupport ServiceDesk Web-based ITIL Management

NetSupport ServiceDesk helps you effortlessly track, organise, manage and answer the toughest desktop support challenges through its problem, incident and change management; reporting features, and its support for mobile devices.

Not only this, NetSupport Service Desk is fully customisable to the way your organisation works.

NetSupport ServiceDesk is available as either a standalone solution or as part of the full DNA Asset Management suite.

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NetSupport Notify Desktop Alerting

NetSupport Notify is a cost-effective, secure mass desktop notification and alerting solution providing instant and reliable delivery of alerts across a LAN or WAN to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops.

Designed to get round the immediacy issues of more traditional forms of communication, NetSupport Notify enables you to deliver attention-grabbing alerts and notifications direct to your users’ desktops.

Find out more about NetSupport Notify here.

NetSupport Protect Desktop Security

NetSupport Protect, our desktop security software, ensures your computer systems are kept secure, reliable and productive.

NetSupport Protect includes integrated hard disk protection and roll-back technology in addition to locking down desktop configuration; protection of your operating system and associated files from accidental or malicious deletion, and automatic restoration on re-boot.

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NetSupport 24-7 On-demand remote support and collaboration

NetSupport 24-7 is our on-demand remote support tool that helps you assist your customers – wherever they are in the world. Using any internet connection, NetSupport 24-7 allows you to connect with remote computers – without installing any software – to resolve problems swiftly and securely.

New NetSupport 24-7 includes support for remotely rebooting and reconnecting to a customer PC; PIN code sessions; enhanced Mac support, and additional international gateways for even faster remote control.

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