What Does Alteon Do?

Alteon is Radware’s next-generation application delivery controller (ADC) and the only load balancer that guarantees application SLA. It provides advanced, end-to-end local and global load balancing capabilities for all Web, cloud and mobile-based applications.

Alteon load balancer combines best-of-breed application delivery capabilities, market-leading SSL performance that supports all of the latest encryption protocols, and advanced services to companies with ongoing application lifecycle management challenges that impact the performance of web applications (such as heavier, more complex web content); mobility, and the migration to the cloud.

Alteon – Guaranteed Application SLA

Radware’s Alteon delivers proactive SLA management via on-going monitoring of real-user transactions, visibility via powerful reporting, and web optimization with FastView.

What Makes Alteon A Better Load Balancer?

Alteon is the only application delivery controller in the industry designed specifically to ensure application SLA. Alteon leverages several next-generation services that are not available in other ADCs on the market, bundling FastView Web Performance Optimization (WPO), Application Performance Monitoring (APM), AppWall Web Application Firewall (WAF), Authentication Gateway, Advanced Denial of Service (ADoS), ITM / bandwidth management as well as leading SSL performance and compression capacities. Unlike a standard, legacy load balancer that is based on a best-effort approach, Alteon provides full application SLA assurance by reserving resources per application, enabling the addition of new services without performance penalty, real-user monitoring, best-in-class application acceleration features and innovative security offerings.

Application SLA Assurance

Complete fault isolation, vADC per application and service, and the ability to scale up or scale out while maintaining performance with ADC-VX, Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA), Alteon VA for NFV and Alteon VA for cloud environmentform factors

Web Performance Optimization

Accelerated web page performance for any end-user device and any browser up to 40% with FastView web performance optimization

Application SLA Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, proactive SLA management and assurance with agent-less application performance monitoring (APM)

Layered Security Architecture

Protection for applications and infrastructure against cyber-attacks, with accurate attack detection and DoS signalling, in the perimeter or the cloud via Radware’s Attack Mitigation System (AMS)

Operators Toolbox for Reduced Workloads

Designed for the network operator, the Operators Toolboxreduces the operational workload by up to 90%, throughout the ADC services’ lifecycle

Cost Effective Traffic Encryption Processing

High performance SSL offloading integrated hardware and software engines, with support for the latest encryption standards, ensuring cost effective processing of encrypted traffic for servers and other security devices

Multi-Homing and Enterprise Gateway Capabilities

Guarantee enterprise web applications service levels and ensure they are connected to the Internet at all times with LinkProof NG module

Complete Layer 4-7 Feature Set

Delivering a complete set of Layer 4-7 services to ensure the availability, performance and security of mission-critical applications in local and cloud data centers

Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) is a feature rich Alteon application switch packaged as a virtual appliance running on virtualized infrastructure. It provides identical functionality to the Alteon physical ADC and enables enterprises running cloud and virtual server infrastructures to assure high application SLA by leveraging advanced enterprise functionality such as L3-7 load balancing, traffic steering, integrated application performance monitoring (APM) and web performance optimization (WPO).

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Alteon, Radware’s next-generation application delivery controller (ADC), is the industry’s only solution specifically designed to ensure predictable application SLAs at all times. The only ADC packed with next-generation ADC services, Alteon cost effectively addresses emerging IT challenges faced by enterprises and online businesses.

This paper provides technical information about the hardware platforms that Alteon offering ships on.

Radware’s Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) is a high performance, next generation ADC packaged as a virtual appliance that runs on virtual and cloud infrastructures, providing up to 17Gbps of ADC capacity. Embedded in Radware’s APSolute Vision management system, administrators can accelerate the application rollout times and reduce Alteon VA administrative/maintenance tasks.

Download a whitepaper on Alteon, Radware’s application delivery solution, the industry’s only ADC that delivers full application SLA assurance.

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