Essential Sandboxing Protection

Sophos UTM 9.4 is one of the first Sophos products to offer our advanced next-gen cloud sandboxing technology.

Sandstorm provides a whole new level of ransomware and targeted attack protection, visibility, and analysis. It can quickly and accurately identify evasive threats before they enter your network. Sandstorm is:

  • Easy to try, deploy, and manage
  • Effective at blocking evasive threats
  • Simple and powerful cloud-based protection

And, it’s tremendous value: it’s enterprise-grade protection without the enterprise-grade price-tag or complexity.

All-in-One Protection

We offer the latest next-gen firewall protection you need plus features you can’t get anywhere else – including mobile, web, endpoint email encryption and DLP. No extra hardware. No extra cost. Simply choose what you want to deploy.

All the protection you need to stop sophisticated attacks and advanced threats while providing secure network access to those you trust.
Set up, manage and secure wireless networks in just minutes with the UTM’s built-in wireless controller that works with our full range of wireless access points.
Comprehensive protection from the latest web threats and powerful policy tools ensures your users are secure and productive online.
Sandstorm provides a whole new level of targeted attack protection, visibility and analysis. It can quickly and accurately identify evasive threats before they enter your network.
Full SMTP and POP message protection from spam, phishing and data loss with our unique all-in-one protection that combines policy-based email encryption with DLP and anti-spam.
Harden your web servers and Microsoft Enterprise Applications against hacking attempts while providing secure access to external users with reverse proxy authentication.

A New Approach to IT Security

With cyber-attacks growing increasingly sophisticated, it’s time for a new approach to threat protection.
Instead of continuing to deploy an array of separate security products that leave you open to advanced attacks, close the gap by coordinating your defenses.

Introducing Synchronized Security

Synchronized Security integrates and automates endpoint and network security technologies to deliver unparalleled protection against advanced threats. It’s smarter, more coordinated IT security.
Download the Synchronized Security Guide today to learn how you can benefit from this revolution in protection.

How to protect againts ransomware

Ransomware threats like Cryptowall, TeslaCrypt and Locky are on the rise. Learn how to stay secure against these attacks with this free guide. It includes:

  • What’s behind the current wave of ransomware attacks
  • Why ransomware attacks are so successful
  • Practical steps to avoid ransomware infections
  • Optimal configuration settings for Sophos solutions to stop ransomware

Download paper

Security shopping made easier…

Are you looking forward to shop for solutions that can make your Windows, Mac and Linux systems secure, put reins on employees’ mobile devices (BYOD) and at the same time provide next generation security for your Network?
Well, we have a one stop shop for all your security needs:

Network Security Gateway devices

Next-gen firewall protection for your network, web, email, applications, and users.
Cyberoam offers future-ready security for physical and virtual networks with its Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances. The virtual and hardware Cyberoam Central Console appliances offer Centralized Security Management options to organizations, while Cyberoam iView allows intelligent logging and reporting with one-of-their-kind, in-depth reports. Know more

Enduser Protection Bundles

Protection for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, data, web and even email-all with a single license.

Discover the benefits of Sophos Endpoint Protection, Mobile Control and industry leading SafeGuard Encryption technology. Choosing Sophos Enduser Protection Bundles ensures that in addition to getting a great value you get a set of solutions which are easy to use and complement each other well.Know More

Wireless Secure Access Points

Enforce UTM level security on wireless users.

Sophos Access Points send wireless traffic to the UTM appliance, where all security applications run. No need for separate Wireless Controller (WLC) since APs can be managed from our UTMs/NGFWs.Know More

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