Export tabulation results to Excel—Update It’s summer time, which means we have interns working at StataCorp again. Our newest intern, Chris Hassell, was tasked with updating my community-contributed command tab2xl with most of the suggestions that blog readers left in the comments. Chris updated tab2xl and wrote tab2docx, which writes a tabulation table to a Word file using the putdocx command. To […]

Benefits of Zero Downtime for High-Availability Environments

Minimize Downtime with Secure File Transfer The ability for employees to have continuous, seamless access to organizational data and applications is critical to business continuity. Downtime is expensive. Productivity, business disruption, lost revenue, and IT team headaches are just a few of the additional costs of downtime. Among the many business processes that depend on […]

Achieving Data Security through a Managed File Transfer Solution

Organizations rely on the secure storage, transfer, and accessibility of their data. The negative effects of a data breach or lagging, unreliable network can cause a domino effect across every line of business in an organization. When this happens, business comes to a standstill while IT attempts to remedy the problem – which is why […]