Neverfail Continuity Engine (CE)

CE provides total protection for critical business applications, ensuring 24/7 availability regardless of any threats to uptime. CE prevents application failure by proactively detecting application failure signatures and switching degrading applications to a hot standby server before application failure causes user downtime. With its built-in replication, WAN optimization, continuous availability, disaster recovery and data protection capabilities, CE provides the most comprehensive protection for your most critical business services.


Manages cloud-based file and data transfers among worldwide offices, clients, and partners using industry-standard Internet protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and AS2 and to fulfill the requirements of vendors, business partners, and customers.


Helps to provide simple, secure and centralized enterprise file to share folders safely with colleagues or external partners easily via browser and Transfer files using an Outlook add-in Request and send files securely via a portal.


Helps to create powerful and complex tasks to complete the steps which is performed manually with reduction in human errors and decreasing the delay in manual process, Increase transparency and control with automated reporting.


It is easy for an administrator to create and maintain file transfer services.

For whom this solution is best fit for

Entertainment / Media

● Enhanced Security For Data Exchanges
● Time Is Money—Get Real-Time Automation
● Faster File Transfer From Anywhere In The World
● Mobile Data Transfer

Financial Services

● Eft For Financial Services
● Custom Solutions Trusted For Stringent Regulations
● Real-Time Automation
● Reduce Risk And Non-Compliance
● Easy Application And Systems Integration


● Eft For Healthcare
● Secure, Compliant, And Efficient Data Management
● Ensure Compliance Throughout Your Organization
● Easy For End Users, Secure For You


● Eft For Government
● Secure File Transfer Via Mobile Devices
● Reduced Risk And Non-Compliance
● Comply With Evolving Standards


● Exchange Structured Business Data Securely Over Http Or Https
● Maintain Pci Dss Compliance
● Reduce Staffing Costs With Automated Data Workflow Management

The key features and associated benefits of CE include:
  • Unified Continuous Availability and Disaster Recovery. CE provides complete protection for your critical business services against application, server, network, storage, or site failures.
  • Built-in Replication. CE’s built-in replication greatly lowers the threshold for data loss by delivering near-zero RPOs. By working across heterogeneous storage or server hardware, not requiring shared storage or depending on other storage replication software and being able to replicate application, registry and file system data, it significantly reduces overall costs.
  • Proactive Application Health Monitoring. CE prevents application failures by proactively monitoring application health in real-time and detecting patterns of degradation before a failure can occur. If such patterns are detected, automated remediation mechanisms are triggered to maintain application continuity.
  • Multi-tier Application Groups Protection. CE can coordinate expedited failover of any arbitrary collection of application components spread across multiple servers, especially in the context of site failovers, and recover them in designated priority order.
  • Built-in WAN Acceleration. CE’s built-in data compression and data de-duplication capabilities significantly reduce disaster recovery operational costs by reducing WAN replication traffic and associated network bandwidth requirements by up to 80%.
  • VMware vSphere (HA) and vMotion integration. CE extends application intelligence and proactive application health monitoring to workloads running on VMware vSphere infra-structure by enabling administrators to configure automated remediation triggers associated with VMware vSphere HA, vMotion, Storage vMotion or enhanced vMotion actions, when application faults or degraded health conditions are detected.
  • VMware SRM integration. CE adds disaster recovery capabilities for physical machines within VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) by enabling synchronized virtual machine replicas of protected physical machines to be recovered during execution of VMware SRM recovery plans.
  • Integrated Data Protection. CE provides a Data Rollback Module (DRM) that integrates with Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to prevent data corruption and data loss by creating shadow copies of application data that can be leveraged to roll back the application state during recovery to a previous point in time.
  • Tertiary Node Support. CE provides flexible topology options for extended redundancy combining local HA and remote DR failover, as well as for multi-site DR. CE can also transition from an existing HA or DR pair to tertiary server quickly and easily.
  • Flexible Network Configuration Options. CE allows administrators to deploy multiple network configurations whether it’s a single NIC configuration or dual NIC configurations. These can be on the same subnet or different subnets.
  • CE Management Service Web Client. CE’s management web client is designed to facilitate point-and-click deployment of CE clusters by providing centralized administration over all CE deployments.

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