SYSTECH Technocraft Services in collaboration with Edbrix provides an integrated eLearning platform for blended education using robust scholastic tools to facilitate storage, management, and sharing of knowledge for comprehensive learning through innovative delivery of instruction & assessment

Direct Instructional Tool


Create audio and video content.


Create your digital knowledge library.


Connect secure audio and video communication with one-to-one or one-to-many.


Create and Manage paperless classrooms.

Evaluation App

Smart evaluation methodology, prescribe online Professional Development programs based on the evaluation and monitor the progress.

Prescription based learning

Build, develop and enhance student portfolios

Create & manage successful events

Why Systech

The key ingredient in the success of SYSTECH Technocraft Services is the spirit of our people and the strong value-adding culture we share. Our adaptability to new demands and opportunities is driven by more than entrepreneurial spirit. We grow with strong focus on customer and partner support which makes us easier to do business faster.

We work with strong network of reseller partners across India, to boost their business opportunities in cybersecurity, Infosec, analytics and cloud, helping them to achieve new revenues from the changing technology landscape.

Each of our regional business units is free to respond to its own instincts; applying its market experience and cultural awareness, not limited by protocol.

We are continually enhancing our distribution models. We know how to harness the potential of new technologies

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