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Bluebeam Revu combines powerful PDF editing, markup and collaboration technology with reliable file creation. Push the limits of project communication with one of Revu’s three editions: Standard, CAD and eXtreme. Simply put, it will change your life as you know it.

Increased Value of Clients

It provides improved form of communication between project partners, clients gain benefits through a collaborative team approach resulting in fewer RFIs and change orders, which ultimately save time and money.

Efficient Planning and Sequencing

Planning that used to take hours of review with subcontractors gathered around the table with pens and highlighters can now be streamlined for sequencing and system coordination.

Easier Collaboration for Team Members

Bluebeam provides is a collaborative environment for architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors, to more efficiently review documents.

Document Interactivity

Bluebeam hyperlink functions are simple, intuitive, & impactful. An interface can be created that allows clients an opportunity to quickly access project documents in an organized fashion

For whom this solution is best fit for


● It helps to create sketches of the actual designs.
● It helps to run PDF-based design reviews with all project partners collaborating in real time.


● QUANTITY TAKEOFF help you capture a project’s true scope and create a stronger tender
● Markup and measurement tools help Engineers maintain data integrity across devices and programs.


● Design Review helps to markup and collaborate on the same documents in real time, or any time.
● To manage all the project folders and files in one location, so teams can work and review the latest documents.

General Contractor

● It helps contractors streamline communication, making sure the project is on track and everyone has the most accurate
● It helps to manage and share the most current drawing set with project partners, in the office and in the field.

Specialty Contractor

● Submittals with powerful markup and editing tools and integrates seamlessly into many document management systems
to keep your project running smoothly.
● It helps to keep RFIs clear and organised with smart markup, hyperlinking and visualization tools, helping your project
stay on track
● By sorting and summarising snag items within drawings, Revu helps project teams achieve a 90% completion rate on first
back check.

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