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Statease, especially design of experiments (DOE), is a powerful tool for making breakthrough improvements to a product or process, or for product development. Maybe you are having trouble reaching Six Sigma goals, need to decrease costs, or have to solve a process problem.
Stat-Ease can help. For those of you without the statistical skills or time for training, we offer professional consulting services in DOE, and related statistical topics.

Design-Expert program offers rotatable 3D plots to easily view response surfaces from all angles. Use your mouse to set flags and explore the contours on interactive 2D graphs.


Better DPI-scaling for high-resolution monitors.
Graph lines anti-aliased (smoothed) and thicker.
Ability to remove all contours from a surface graph.


“Remove/Add Curvature” button for factorials with center points.
The ANOVA for factorials with center points streamlined making it far more intuitive and flexible.


New icons.
More tooltips (hover help).
Improved internationalization including Unicode support.
Handy Reset Toolbox option to repositions View to original layout.
Reports have been split into separate tabs that can be resized and rearranged.
Ctrl–scroll wheel zooms in/out of reports, increasing/decreasing the font size.
New Design Properties tool for design layout facilitates interactive editing of row and column attributes.


Can now modify discrete levels in existing design.
Split-plot designs can be built with I or A-optimal criteria.
Optimal bootstrap parameters have been tweaked to improve performance.
Split-plot factorials design sizes are now more easily specified by number of groups and group size.


Many tables in reports are now sortable.
The maximum model order can now be limited to speed up calculations for large designs.


Run entry (and review) facilitated by being moved into its own table.
Improved ability to confirm models at multiple points—made easy by tabs.


The response generator expanded with many new functions and constants.

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● Design Of Experiments is a systematic method to determine the relationship between factors affecting a process and the output of that process.In other words,it is used to find cause and effect relationships.This information is needed to manage process inputs in order to optimize the output.
● It is used by Chemical Engineers, Pharmaceuticals Researchers, Nutrition & Food development Researchers.

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