Turn your data into qualitative insights, faster and easier.

ATLAS.ti helps you uncover actionable insights with intuitive research tools and best-in-class technology. Built for every need: from basic analysis tasks to the most in-depth research projects.

ATLAS.ti Desktop

The #1 software for qualitative data analysis

From advanced coding to comprehensive multi-media analysis, and state-of-the-art visualization – ATLAS.ti Desktop empowers your entire research workflow on Windows and Mac.

Get insights for all kinds of data

ATLAS.ti Desktop helps you manage, organize and analyze your material in creative yet systematic ways. Whether your field is anthropology, economics, criminology, or medicine: You can leverage our best-in-class research tools for all sorts of media.

  • Work with text documents in all major formats and import entire surveys
  • Utilize all common graphic and audio files as well as video types
  • Import data from Evernote, Twitter, and your favorite Reference Manager
  • Analyze your material in unparalleled depth

    With ATLAS.ti Desktop, you get to know your material in tremendous detail, allowing you to identify even the slightest nuances in your data. Code systematically and develop a system of meaning that unlocks hidden insights for your research subject.

  • Explore your data meticulously with our unique network editor
  • Take advantage of smart text search tools and word clouds
  • Make use of word frequency tables and intelligent query options
  • Research that actually brings results

    Valued by the world’s leading organizations, our qualitative analysis software enables researchers across disciplines to discover better and richer insights than ever before. ATLAS.ti Desktop versions are designed to keep up with even the most ambitious projects.

  • Take advantage of innovative tools with intuitive user experience
  • Collaborate on your projects seamlessly across teams
  • Create reports with visualizations that bring your data to life
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