Consultancy Services

Systech has consulting division that provides services on how improve your business by using and utilizing your daily Data. We solve business problems using statistical techniques and Statistical software’s . We provide following solution to you

  • Understanding your business problem
  • Objective framing
  • Data understanding and data cleaning
  • Model building and validation
  • Model deployment and continuous improvement

Data Management & Visualisation

Data cleaning, Data Handling, Variable generation, Handling missing values etc. Graphical Analysis: Pareto chart, bar chart Histogram, 2-way and 3-way plots, Box plot,etc.

Data Analysis and Analytics

Model Building, Predictive modeling Analytics: Linear regression, Logistic regression, Decision Tree, Neural Network, Time Series Analysis, ARIMA model, AR and MA model, Panel Data etc.

Sampling Techniques

Simple Random sampling  (with replacement and without replacement), Systematic sampling, cluster sampling, Double stage sampling, Convenient Sampling , Quota sampling etc.

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