Empowering Diverse Industries with AI- Driven Framework

The NCAMEO platform continues to revolutionize AI driven application development, extending its benefits and innovative features across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. This white-label framework enables companies and system integrators to efficiently develop and deploy sophisticated applications tailored to their unique business needs.

Business Benefits :

Rapid Deployment

Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with NCAMEO’s AI-driven development, significantly reducing the time from concept to launch.

Cost Reduction

Minimize development costs by eliminating the need for a large team of developers, thanks to the platform’s intuitive design and AI capabilities.

Brand Customization

Utilize the white-label feature to market the applications under your brand, enhancing your company’s visibility and customer engagement.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adapt to growing business needs with a platform that’s scalable and flexible, capable of being deployed across various environments including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and onpremises servers.

Key Features and Advanced Functionalities:

– AI-Enhanced Development: Leverage AI to translate natural language prompts into application functionalities, making app development more accessible and less time-consuming.

– Visual Development Interface: Utilize a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the creation of complex applications without extensive coding knowledge.

– Extensive Integration: Integrate seamlessly with a wide array of APIs and services, allowing for robust and versatile application functionality.

– Enterprise-Level Security: Ensure the security of your applications with advanced features like RoleBased Access Control (RBAC) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), built to protect sensitive data and comply with regulatory standards.

– Module and Extension Manager: A standout feature of the NCAMEO platform is its unique module and extension manager. This tool empowers developers to build third-party extensions or their own custom integration modules, further broadening the framework’s functionality. This means that businesses are not just limited to the pre-built connectors but can also create bespoke integrations to meet specific
needs, ensuring a perfect fit with their operational workflows.

By utilizing NCAMEO’s advanced integration capabilities and the module and extension manager, businesses can significantly expand the capabilities of their large-scale applications like SAP and Oracle CRM. This not only enhances their operational efficiency but also provides a competitive edge by allowing for a high degree of customization and adaptability in their software solutions.

NCAMEO’s integration feature is particularly beneficial for businesses relying on these large-scale applications, as it enables them to create custom solutions that work in tandem with their existing software infrastructure. This integration capability ensures that businesses can leverage their current investments in enterprise applications while enhancing their functionality and efficiency through custom NCAMEO-developed applications.

The NCAMEO platform has already demonstrated its versatility and power by enabling the development of large-scale applications across various sectors:

Government and Military:

Developed comprehensive applications for the US government and Air Force, including an SOS app for safety and security.


Implemented in over 1200 school districts for audit applications, along with car parking  management and event management systems.

Business and CRM:

Created sophisticated CRM and contract management systems for the construction industry, as well as compliance and daily activity management for convenience stores.

Health and Safety:

Developed applications for massage therapists with geo-location-based hiring, a neighborhood safety app for a California-based company, and member management systems for associations.

Expanded Use Cases and Success Stories:



NCAMEO has facilitated the development of a comprehensive analytical solution for the healthcare industry, enhancing data-driven decision-making and operational efficiency. This solution enables healthcare providers to aggregate and analyze vast amounts of data for improved patient care and resource management.



In the manufacturing sector, NCAMEO has been instrumental in creating applications that streamline supply chain management, delivery, sales, and inventory management. These applications support manufacturers in optimizing their production workflows and supply chain operations for enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.


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The retail industry has benefited from NCAMEO’s ability to develop applications for end-to-end retail management, including bill of materials, contracts, and inventory management. These solutions empower retailers to maintain optimal stock levels, manage supplier contracts effectively, and improve the overall shopping experience for customers.

The NCAMEO platform significantly enhances its utility and adaptability in the enterprise environment by offering connectors for integration with large-scale applications such as SAP, Oracle CRM, and Salesforce.

This capability allows for seamless data flow and functionality extension across various domains including finance, supply chain management, human resources, onboarding, as well as project management and tracking.

Why Systech

The key ingredient in the success of SYSTECH Technocraft Services is the spirit of our people and the strong value-adding culture we share. Our adaptability to new demands and opportunities is driven by more than entrepreneurial spirit. We grow with strong focus on customer and partner support which makes us easier to do business faster.

We work with strong network of reseller partners across India, to boost their business opportunities in cybersecurity, Infosec, analytics and cloud, helping them to achieve new revenues from the changing technology landscape.

Each of our regional business units is free to respond to its own instincts; applying its market experience and cultural awareness, not limited by protocol.

We are continually enhancing our distribution models. We know how to harness the potential of new technologies

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    Sarvesh Rastogi DGM (CMS&GBG) – IDBI Bank Ltd

    Systech Technocraft Services Pvt Ltd is our Supplier and Implementer of Managed File Transfer Solution (MFTP) and we are availing their services since year 2009. The products and services of the company have been satisfactory.

    Yagnesh ParikhEVP & CTO – ICICI Securities

    Systech Technocraft Pvt Ltd has capable team of engineers who can Supply, Install, Configure and provide after Sales Support for MFTP solutions of Globalscape. ICICI Securities Ltd is using GlobalScape product and extremely satisfied with product and their services.