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Data Classification - TITUS

TITUS helps us to establish a policy-driven foundation for identifying, classifying and securing sensitive data. TITUS provides flexible classification that simplifies the accurate identification of your email, documents, and files. TITUS classifications enable the people and technology in your organization to better understand, value, and protect your information assets.

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Data Classification

Categorize unstructured data and apply protection using our powerful, flexible policy platform

Give your data context and protect what matters
Protecting unstructured data is one of your biggest organizational challenges. Anyone can send an email, create a document or upload a file. Are your security policies protecting sensitive information or exposing your company to risk?
Data classification is the foundation of data security — within the corporate firewall and in the cloud. You can’t protect your data when your people and your technologies don’t know how to handle it.
Our data classification capabilities automatically add visual markings and handling instructions to email and documents to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of data loss prevention (DLP) solutions.

  • Adaptable foundation: Build and adopt configurable and
    flexible classification schemas that map to your security
  • Company-defined, persistent metadata:  Read and embed metadata to inform your technology and systems to secure
    and manage data at creation, at rest and in motion.
  • User engagement controls:  Deploy user-driven, suggested or automated classification into existing productivity tools in Microsoft Office and G Suite.
  • Customizable user aides:  Configure classification selection guides, alerts and visible markings to support user behavior and decision-making.

Capture and embed retention, compliance or other metadata attributes to automate processes for archiving, storage, retention and deletion.
Visual markings and user involvement in classifying help promote a security-first mindset while supporting end-user awareness, education and responsibility around data protection.

Data Identification

Know the data you have and its value so you can protect it at creation, at rest and in motion

What you don’t know can hurt you

Businesses create and collect more data than ever: proprietary information, financial information, employee and customer information. It’s everywhere — stored on and flowing between local machines, networks, mobile devices and the cloud.

In addition, new security regulations have made the identification and security of data at rest a growing concern. But to protect your data, you need to first know how to identify it.

Data protection starts with identification

If you could easily identify your data, you’d be able to apply the right level of protection, remind others to handle it with care and automatically trigger security policies to protect it. Your people and systems could then work together to reduce risk and meet compliance requirements.
TITUS Data Classification automatically detects sensitive data in motion, and TITUS Illuminate detects data at rest. TITUS machine learning capabilities identify and protect sensitive data based on the categories you train the system to recognize, such as confidential financial reports, internal design documents or public news releases.

Scan and analyze data at creation, in motion and at rest so you can apply appropriate identification attributes. 

Apply and detect metadata on data at rest, enabling you to prove regulatory compliance. Combine TITUS with encryption and enterprise digital rights management (EDRM) software for up-to-date compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations.
Employ data loss prevention (DLP), enterprise rights management (ERM), cloud access security brokers (CASB) and next-generation firewall solutions to read and understand TITUS metadata and apply the appropriate data protection policies.
TITUS solutions enable organizations to identify, classify and secure information so people can work with confidence, knowing that the sensitive information they create, share and consume is protected across all platforms.
TITUS remediates risk by managing access to sensitive data and disposing of redundant or obsolete data.

  • Cross-platform inventory: Discover and analyze file information stored across your network and cloud shares.
  • Intelligent content analysis: Accurately identify business-relevant information using machine learning capabilities.
  • Sensitive data identification: Find data such as personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry (PCI) information and personal health information (PHI) in email, attachments and documents.

Data Security

Enable end-to-end protection with a configurable policy management platform
A lot is at stake when it comes to securing your sensitive data. You’ve got to:

  • Protect your internal documents, trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Maintain consumer trust
  • Comply with industry, government and privacy regulations
  • Minimize risk to your business
  • Patchwork security programs, insufficient tools and scattershot policies put your organization at risk. And the more data you have, the bigger the risks become.

    Smarter data protection

    Put your policies at the center of your data protection strategy. Powered by a flexible policy management engine, TITUS solutions enable you to align your data, people and technologies for a security-first approach to data protection.
    TITUS solutions help unify your data security program and optimize your data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security brokers (CASB) and other security investments.
    Configure and manage your data security policies across your productivity tool set, devices, cloud and network infrastructure.
    Control email flow to external recipients, track user activity, report on classification changes and password protect email attachments.

    End-to-end content protection

    Enable your data security policies to be triggered automatically throughout your daily workflows.
    Adapt to the changing needs of your organization and your people with a configurable policy management platform that allows you to set the rules.

    Powerful policy manager —Create and manage policies that meet your business, compliance and privacy requirements.

    Cross-platform support —Enable policy enforcement across all your productivity tools in mobile, on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.

    Security-first approach — Provide users with guided policy alerts, suggested remediation’s and reminders.

    Optimized security efforts — Leverage DLP, ERM, CASB and other technologies.

    For whom this solution is best fit for

    Financial Services :
    TITUS provide data classification solutions to major financial institutions throughout the world, giving them confidence in the control of their data. Data loss within the financial services industry can lead to irreparable reputational damage, and can send shock waves through the entire financial services industry.

    Oil & Gas:
    TITUS Classifier integrates with your existing productivity software, providing classification capability for data in files, documents and messages. With its familiar, user-friendly interface for easy classification by users, without the need for training, the system is used to protect sensitive data for Oil and Gas organisations across the world.

    Pharmaceuticals : 
    Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for protecting vast quantities of highly-sensitive, confidential data to data protection laws and stringent legislative health standards.TITUS Classifier 360 approach blends best practice classification techniques, combining user driven classification and automated classification for accurate and useful labelling that reflects your business’

    Legal :
    TITUS Classifier help law firms by reducing risk, protecting a client’s intellectual property and reputation, and ensuring compliance with codes of conduct and industry regulations every day.

    Government Data :
    Government or federal organisations, including both central and state departments or local councils, constantly deal with sensitive data and recognise the need to protect it from the point of creation through to distribution, storage and destruction. A data breach can not only be extremely costly but can also impact the political and economic environment.

    Intelligence Services :
    The sensitive nature of information handled by Intelligence Services means that data protection is essential and often is a matter of national security. With increasing requirements to rapidly share information with a wide variety of partner agencies, traditional methods of data control are not enough. A sensitive data breach can cost lives, impact economies and have catastrophic national and international consequences.

    Defence & Aerospace :
    TITUS experience safeguarding data in the defence and aerospace industry, we have an in-depth understanding of military requirements for High Grade Military Messaging and Medium Grade Messaging and an enviable track record of successfully delivering mission-critical solutions in both single nation and coalition environments.

    Emergency Services:
    Emergency services send and receive sensitive data daily – internally, to external organisations, government bodies and other emergency services.Safe collaboration with other agencies and Forces can help reduce time spent on criminal investigations or get lifesaving and critical information for patient care.

    According to a recent survey, only 27% of manufacturers see data security as a serious or critical concern, and only a quarter have implemented a data classification policy.Business-critical data and intellectual property held in CAD tools and document management systems need a data-centric security approach in order to be effective.

    AutoMotive :
    Automotive firms report a 32% jump in detected cyber security incidents and a larger surge in financial losses, due in part to the technological transformation of the automotive industry.

    Insurance providers are becoming more reliant on technology to meet data protection regulations and reduce risk within organisations.Industry-leading data classification tools such as TITUS Classifier are already helping insurance companies to deliver tangible benefits such as increasing security awareness and culture, reducing risk, improving data governance and protecting intellectual property and client data, whilst ensuring compliance with key industry regulations.

    Every organisation is responsible for the sensitive data they create and share. None more so then Schools, Colleges and Universities.Classifier brings both visual classification labelling and metadata to sensitive documents. The visual labels help raise the awareness of the documents sensitivity and the metadata labels help Classifier and other technologies enforce your security and data management policies.

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