There are a lot of Secure File Transfer (SFT) solutions out there, and a lot to consider when choosing which one is right for you. However, one of the primary criteria should be – what operating system are you running, and does your current solution have features to support it specifically? Secure file transfer is a data-sharing method that relies on encryption to safely send, store and manage large files and sensitive data. However, each environment is unique and has its own challenges. Globalscape EFT is a Windows SFT solution that can be integrated easily to enable encrypted file transfer with Windows-specific advantages.

Secure File Transfer for Windows

A managed file transfer solution built for the Windows platform solves one basic problem: no built-in SFTP. Windows users know that the platform does not come with a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) client with which to enable secure file management. Instead, Globalscape EFT combines an SFTP server with a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution to create one. There are several resulting benefits from this mix.

SFTP provides an extra layer of safety not required in the more basic File Transfer Protocol (FTP). It not only requires mandatory encryption for all files in transit, but SFTP is a requirement for many businesses. It’s good practice to vet organizations that you want to partner or trade with for security so neither party will be introduced to new threats. An SFTP client tells them their data, whether they’re sending to you, or vice versa, will be secure in transit and at rest. When the enterprise in question is dealing with payment card transfers, personal health data, proprietary information, and other sensitive materials, it could just spell the difference between a deal and a missed opportunity.

However, securing the data is only half the battle. A managed file transfer solution provides the other half of the puzzle. Not only do your files need to be sent safely, but often at a moment’s notice, in large quantities, or at regular intervals. An MFT solution can orchestrate the delivery of large, sensitive batches of information on a fixed schedule or in real time. It ensures that your data – however large or small – is subject to the same validation, authentication, and encryption policies as those sent on an individual basis by hand and that both inbound and outbound traffic travel safely on your Windows server.

Benefits of SFTP for Windows

First, the combination is key. Globalscape’s Windows file transfer solution enables authentication and file management for Windows clients, making it already advantageous to SFTP, FTP, or MFT solutions alone. With these features combined, users can:

  1. Validate the integrity of transmitted data
  2. Require password authentication
  3. Create key pairs, configure ciphers, and manage (import/export) keys
  4. Specify the key allowed for a given account
  5. Work with all types of standards for maximum flexibility with partners and vendors (see Web Transfer Client)

In addition to the benefits to the user, a Windows-facing SFTP client provides the following security benefits:

  1. Files are unreadable in the transfer process
  2. Unauthorized file access during transfer is blocked by additional authentication requirements
  3. Firewall-friendly, single-port transmission of data
  4. Host keys to verify the destination
  5. Event Rules can be configured to automate transfer to remote EFT or other SFTP servers

One thing that’s important to keep in mind is visibility. You want to know what’s going on in each SFTP session, and Globalscape lets you audit, report, and log so you’ve got full transparency.

All of this combines to create a solution where you can schedule, control, configure and automate your Windows file transfers – to any vendor, partner, or department – and know that the data will not only arrive intact but be handled by authenticated persons and easily managed by you. Bringing us to the case in point: while so much of the benefit is displayed on the security front, the real benefit is to the users.

Sharing the File Sharing Burden

With lesser tools, the demand for security in a corporate environment would be the same. Documents would still need to be transferred securely, files would need to be kept free from prying eyes while in transit, attachments would still need to be vetted upon opening, and large amounts of batch transfers would still have to be made. The only difference is that with a tool like Globalscape EFT, so much of the necessary yet mundane, confusing, or complex is offloaded onto a dual MFT/SFTP solution that is specifically built for Windows.

As data privacy laws continue to dominate how we transfer and take care of digital information, more is at stake for failure to comply. The workplace continues to digitize and more records – from healthcare to legacy manufacturing to education– are transmitted online, increasing the need to transfer files quickly and safely. Those dual competing requirements have always proven challenging in a business context, and companies who can do it well manage to maintain a competitive edge, retain customer trust, and avoid breaches. However, with increasing digital demands, tools like Globalscape’s Windows file transfer solution are needed to juggle both security and speed, maintaining the integrity of today’s most lucrative asset – data.

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